Bruhsuke and Sharkbait

I think they look better together hhhhhhhhu


… AND THAT IS THE WAY I MAKE FIRE! Simple and messy “how to gry”.
I will add quick smoke tutorial / step by step too Just wait. \o/

EDIT: Sorry for small images >8C I am not good with tumblr image sizes and I have never understood them. But by copying the image URL you can see bigger sized images!



do you ever hate someone so much but you don’t even have a valid reason

you’re just like


And then they give you a reason and its like



Alright complete swimset ready for prints! See you guys at Otakuthon table H225!

Welcome to Slayers, everyone.

I really really like Gourry’s voice in Slayers Revolution. I think it’s the same voice actor but he’s not doing the scruffy voice anymore. So it makes it sound like Gourry “grew up” or something and I love it. Matter of fact, everybody sounds older, which is ok i guess. But Gourry sounds the best.

I am legit overloading for the new animation in Slayers Revolution. My word it’s so different. I’m used to the 90’s looking animation. This is so exciting!!

I can already tell that Zankyou no Terror is not going to have enough episodes.

Wait, what was the point of telling Shibazaki to go to the control tower if they were just going to save Lisa in the way that they did?